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"This is the most amazing place ever. My daughter loves Saturday morning and going to art class. Ms Shannon is a amazing and patient teacher. The skills my daughter has learned and the drawing she brings home. Ashley has been going their since she was 4 yrs old and can go until she is 18 and trust me she will cause she loves it. Every summer they offer week long art classes her favorite is the animal class where they bring in live animals to draw. The prices are her reasonable  $70.00 a month   Your child will love this place. We do."  

-Shannon A.  6.21.2014

"Love, Love, Love this place!!!  My daughter has been attending The Art House for 5 years and has become quite the artist.  I signed her up because at 4 years old she was having a hard time with fine motor skills using a pencil.  She not only improved, but has won the PTA Reflections Art contest every time she has entered thanks to the skills she has learned there.  She learns about art history and the techniques that the artists used while creating art.  Mrs. Raphael and her daughter Darcy are the kindest most giving people.  They go out of their way to make my daughter feel special and cared about.  They also have wonderful summer art camps  that are theme related and end with an art show.  Michelle is the office manager and is well organized and welcoming to everyone.  She learns every child's name and makes sure that they are safe in the event a parent is unexpectantly delayed".

-Becky M.  3.18.2014

"What a gem of a place! My daughter looks forward to getting her art lessons here. Darci is wonderful and so patient and the curriculum and programs are so well-rounded. By far the best art school I've sent my daughter too. Thank you for your wonderful work"!

-Bella R.  12.12.2013

"I took art classes here since I was in kindergarten to senior year of high school (1999-2012). I had so much fun through every step of the way- as a younger elementary school student, the projects were fun and allowed us to use our creativity to individualize our own project, while still learning about how to use colors and shapes in different mediums. I made so many friends in class and even attended their fun themed summer camps"!

-Marisa T.  1.4.2013

"I cannot recommend The Art House more highly for providing quality instruction and care. Not only do the instructors here familiarize you with influential artists/movements, but they also help you build technique and nurture your creative capacities. I began taking classes at The Art House thirteen years ago and have never wanted to leave. It has been my safe space to grow and realize who I am as an artist and as an individual".

-Ruth H.  1.9.2013

"The Art House is not just a place where your child goes to draw some pictures.  It's a place where they learn how to see and how to place what they see on the paper (or canvas, etc.).  I watched my daughter grow in skill so much in the 10 years she was there.  At the same time, her love of art grew.  She didn't want to miss a class. They supported her, encouraged her, and pushed her to give her best and then some.  They helped her put together the portfolio that she used to get into Orange County High School of the Arts.  It's the only place of instruction in all my daughter's growing years that I never had a complaint about".

-Susan S.  1.6.2013

"I went to The Art House from age 5 until I graduated high school. During my time there, I was taught how to develop my artistic abilities by learning various techniques, becoming familiar with all kinds of media, art history, and ultimately left with a great confidence in my art and in myself as an artist. I am currently now an art major at Westmont College where I am continuing to pursue my love of art. The Art House has prepared me above and beyond for the art classes I have taken and am currently taking in college. I could not be more thankful for my experience at The Art House. I highly recommend The Art House to kids who have a love and desire to learn more about art".

-Taylor V.  1.21.2013 

"What an amazing school. Mrs. Raphael is magnificent. All the teachers are attentive, patient, skilled and seem to love what they do. The focus is entirely on the children. It's an amazing value, they could easily charge twice what they do. The studio is so professional, organized and super clean. I completely trust Michelle at the front desk. She knows everyone and really watches out for the kids. About the art: I've been amazed with what my children learn each week. I can see them getting better and better- and their interest grows more and more. I can't say enough for this place. I feel like I found a one in a million place for my kids. Everyone who wants their kids to learn about and enjoy art should come here". 

-Kristin M.  12.30.2012

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