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We care deeply about what we do and it shows in the quality of our classes, and in the success of our students. Our program is unique, structured and really teaches kids to recognize, celebrate and maximize their creative gifts. Kids can start anytime!


It's all about encouragement and confidence building at this level!  Our Pre-K students dramatically improve in hand-eye coordination, listening comprehension, and imaginative development through the course of the year.  Students are introduced to ALL MEDIA (except oil paint) and practice cutting, gluing, drawing and painting through structured lessons.  We also learn to find colors, shapes and many other exciting things through our weekly study of art history.


Kindergartners and First graders learn the basic building blocks of drawing representational objects through shape building, pattern recognition and observation.  We explore and learn how to really LOOK at our world.  Students learn hand-eye control, the major artists of the 20th century, basic color mixing, pattern, texture and elementary perspective.  We encourage individual expression, solid foundational skills & a love for fine art.


Second and Third graders are full of ideas and are excited about their capabilities.  We build on this enthusiasm with more sound fundamentals and a through introduction to nearly every type of material and surface.  Students begin simple observational drawing, and practice non-objective, abstract and realistic styles.  We continue their exploration of art history at the start of every class.  Techniques practiced include shading, perspective, lighting, brush control and more.


At the fourth thru sixth grade level we delve deeper into the secrets of drawing and painting.   While self-expression is still critical, we want to give every student the skills and techniques they'll  need to truly reach their fullest potential.  Students work on perspective, tone, value, different styles, expressive line technique, brush control, observational drawing, shading, collage, abstraction, hyper-realism and more.


At the 7-9 level the focus is on technical skill and conceptual development.  Students are challenged with the widest possible range of styles, materials and subjects.  By the time they finish this level, students can draw any object placed in front of them with accurate perspective, sensitive line quality, thoughtful color use, possible lighting and purposeful composition.  They will build a portfolio consisting of a specified number of completed projects which must be submitted for admission to the High School level.


At this level, we require commitment, energy and enthusiasm.  Students are given challenging assignments, constant guidance and technical expertise as they build strong, independent, passionate portfolios.  For those students completing AP coursework, this portfolio will complete their Breadth requirements.  By 11th and 12th year, students tend to focus in on either a subject, medium or style and can contribute their own variations on class assignments.  The student's imagination is the only limit.